Duggie, the VERY Chocolate Lab!

Fleet Dog Walking Chocolate Lab

Duggie, the chocolate Labrador from Birmingham took his description too literally when he turned a deaf ear to all the pre- Easter warnings and he put himself in a life threatening situation by gorging himself on seven Easter Eggs!

The four and a half year old dog belonging to Claudia Davis had sneaked into her son’s bedroom and stolen the Easter fare leaving nothing but the silver paper wrappings.

Fortunately Claudia is a manager at a vet’s practice in Nuneaton and realised the potentially serious consequences of her dog’s crime. She rushed Duggie to the vet where he was given an injection to induce vomiting and then given plenty of fluids to flush out the dangerous toxins.

Claudia admitted that she should have been more vigilant as Duggie is well known for his sweet tooth. Last year he snaffled a packet of hot cross buns and currants are also dangerous for dogs!

Luckily Duggie suffered no ill effects from his Easter feasting and hopefully his antics will remind other owners to remain alert at all times when it comes to forbidden foods!

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